Interview with BX Gonz

Who is BX Gonz?

BX-Gonz is an independent artist originally from bronx New York, currently now living in port au prince Hait he'sbeen doing music off an on for years. Things happen in his life that got him where he's at. since living in Haiti, for the past seversl years he experienced so many changes from his life in the states. which he displays in some of his music. With all the instability in this beautiful country he still find time to pursue his passion writing n rapping music is his joy.He boast he comes from the era when music was more authentic so he challenges hisself daily to bring back that sound to the masses. he came from the era of hip hop, he's pretty confident you'll hear it in his music. stay tune n get ready for this wave of hip hop.

The 10 Question Interview:

Interviewer: What first got you into music?

BX Gonz: What first got me into music is a combination of being raised in the Bronx n my older brother(Frantz) being young taking trains going out seeing people beatbox n freestyling daily. Then to go home see my brother n his friends doing the same.

Interviewer: Who or what inspired you to make music?

BX Gonz: my inspiration for music is the knowing i have an opportunity to have a voice n be heard. Speak my mind to the world is a great form of inspiration for me.

Interviewer: What is your creative process like?

BX Gonz: my creative process in making music is listening to beats overe n over until one speaks wit me. Durring that time im smoking snacking on something, looking at old rhymes, thinking of new creative ideas. Just basically brainstorming heavy somewhere with beats just rollingrolling

Interviewer: Has your musical journey had a deliberate direction?

BX Gonz: In terms of my music having a deliberate direction is really hard to say cos i did not think i would be doing music from Haiti, i was always working on ways to get back to the states Believing it will happen one day.

Interviewer: What is your biggest musical challenge?

BX Gonz: My biggest musical challenge has to be rapping in English in a country where the English language is a very small percentage. It becomes very challenging to push my music to them when they don't hear their language in it.

Interviewer: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

BX Gonz: what i be doing if it wasn't for music. "Probably stress working jobs that i grow to hate/ reason y im stress cos music what i wanna make"

Interviewer: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

BX Gonz: The internet has been Great for the music business, looking at my situation proves so. An upcoming artist originally from BronxNY, now been in Haiti since 2017 struggling n striving to be heard by the masses. Because of the net my music can touch many platforms

Interviewer: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

BX Gonz: The best advice i've been given has to be Do what makes u happy.

Interviewer: If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advice would you give yourself?

BX Gonz: if i was to talk to a younger me the advice i would give would be Always do what makes u happy, eliminate fear and doubt out your life, And believe in yourself n what u do even if no one else dose.

Interviewer: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

BX Gonz: what i will change about the industry if i had the ability to would be all rap wars that turns out deadly. Music is here to change lives.

Interviewer: What’s next for you?

BX Gonz: well right now currently im working on droping my 1st mixtape titled 'A new Hussle vol 1." My video for my song Better Dayz is out now as well as my Lemon pepper freestyle video. Other then that got a few more new singles to drop. Just dropped my latest single which is a bonus track off the mixtape titled "Real Hip Hop" its out now avaiable on spotify, apple n many other platforms.