WMH Sits Down with Upcoming Star 10K Moss

Our team had a chance to chat with upcoming rapper 10k Moss to get to know him on a more personal level.

Who is 10 K Moss?

Aside from rap 10k is a freak athlete, ever since he was young he played at the highest level of sports possible. As 10k grew older he had gained enough exposure to lock in a scholarship to play Division 1 NCAA sports at a small school just outside of downtown Pittsburgh. Although he was able to win countless championships and titles at the highest level of competition, 10k ultimately ended up loosing his passion for sports. He quotes "The thing people don’t understand about being at the highest level of competition is that there is so much training and focus on being the best that it takes the fun right out of the sport." For that reason 10k Moss decided to pursue the lifestyle that he now lives which is the lifestyle of a self made entrepreneur turned musical artist.


The 10 Question Interview: 

Interviewer:  What first got you into music?

10k Moss:  What really got me into music was seeing how much fun it really was, making a song from start to finish and being able to hear your own voice on a Song (something that was brand new to me at the time).

Interviewer: Who or what inspired you to make music?

10k Moss: The way I got inspired to make music was sort of out of the blue, I would always tag along to the studio for fun, supporting people like BigBankHezzy in their early stages. I can easily say that my long time friend who now goes by the name Big Bank Hezzy had the most influence on me getting into the booth. After my first Song the Weekend released, the amount of love and support I received kept me wanting to release more and more, and from there it was up.

Interviewer: What is your creative process like?

10k Moss: My creative process is honestly a mess, most of my hardest tracks to date were created last minute in the car ride on way to the studio. “I don’t have shit for this session let me get serious and dial in” is a thought that comes across my mind an hour before almost every session. My creativity works best under pressure.

Interviewer: Has your musical journey had a deliberate direction?

10k Moss: Yes, my musical journey has been on the rise ever since I released my first track. Since then the amount of positive connections/people that I’ve been able to come across and network with is truly amazing, I cant even imagine where I will be a year from now, compared to where I was last year this time 

Interviewer: What is your biggest musical challenge?

10k Moss: At first, getting your foot in the door to the industry. No connects and no network when starting out, finding beats that not everyone has access to,(everyone can use a youtube beat) creating a hard track just to find out someone else is using the same beat, getting a large amount of people to listen to your tracks for the first time, music marketing & getting exposure is something I’m still working on, at this point I know that if I get you to listen to a my song once, you’ll want to hear more of my music.

Interviewer: What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

10k Moss: Everyone knows what id be doing, living off my investments, working on credit plays and financial moves, making plays, building my brand and being CEO of Straight to the Bag “Sttb”.

Interviewer: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

10k Moss: People are blowing up over night more than ever, social media is bigger than ever right now, If you’re not creating content you’re watching someone else’s. Social media wasn’t around when people like tory lanes were out here selling Cds, can blow up off a hard verse or chorus. Surprisingly enough we’re in a Tik tok era, your life can change in 24 hours all because of a free app.

Interviewer: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

10k Moss: Best advice I ever received was from my pops if you want something done properly, you have to do it yourself. Ever since that day I took that quote & ran with it. I like things done a certain way, I have high standards.

Interviewer: If you were talking to a younger version of you, what advice would you give yourself?

10k Moss: I would tell myself to relax & that your network is what will really make you rich.

Interviewer: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

10k Moss: Niggas being selfish with their connects  and not putting other mans on.

Interviewer: Any relevant information about current/future release?

10k Moss: My debut mix tape & Solo Ep set to release before 2022.

Interviewer: All the  platforms it will be streaming on? 

10k Moss: On All streaming platforms swell as our “Straight to the Bag ent” Youtube channel

Interviewer: Will there be a video, if so rough release date?

10k Moss: Music videos to be released by December 2021.

Interviewer: What’s next for you?

10k Moss: I have a lot of stuff in the works, & a lot of stuff that I Still have to get around to doing, MY debut Mixtape will release before the end of the summer in 2021, as well as I have 3-4 Guaranteed Videos to coming out before the NEW year(2022). 2021 will be the year that people get familiar with “10k Moss”

Interviewer: Anything you would like to add or information you would like people to know?

In all honesty I did not want to be a rapper, the only reason I still do this music stuff is because of all the love and support that I receive on the daily to keep going. Knowing that I didn’t aspire to become an artist, People really play my music behind closed doors and thats honestly one of the craziest feelings you can come across as an artist. 


You can stream 10k Moss' new hit songs on Spotify by clicking HERE or on Youtube by using this link https://www.youtube.com/channel