A name destined for Greatness: Alxvnder Tha and his unbreakable spirit

Hardships and struggle in life did not stop Bryce Green of Ohio from taking on the name “Alxvnder Tha” and becoming a rising star in the hip-hop industry. His hyperactive personality and high-energy style when performing live has made Alxvnder Tha a character to watch out for in the local music scene. This artist had a rocky start in his career, he even experienced living out of his car for some time, but he never allowed his troubles to stop him from achieving his dream of making music that will be heard by millions. Alxvnder Tha looks up to artists that started from humble beginnings, he shares a few artists who became his inspiration:

“Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, G Herbo, Drake, Don Toliver — they all are unique and stand out. They all have a rag to riches story and I grew up listening to these artists and more.”

Alxvnder Tha released his first album in 2017 called “Past V.S. Present”, and has been making more music since, with “614to850” in 2018, and “Red A” in 2019. 

The path towards destiny

Alxvnder Tha describes his music as melodic and authentic, his craft is a product of the struggles he faced in life. His latest work “Nightmares” is a song about having the courage to face your fears and fearing nothing but fear itself, he expresses his excitement for his upcoming album as he shares:

“My newest album “Lie To Me” is set to be dropping soon with songs recorded from the pandemic times. All new sounds, beats, and new engineering. It will be sent to all platforms by the 15th of August.”

This artist is pushing boundaries with his music, constantly working on his art and building up skills that will help him get closer to his dream one catchy track at a time. Alxvnder Tha is walking the path of greatness that he has always been destined for, through his passion for music.

Pushing onwards

Hoping for a shot at a better life, Alxvnder Tha decided to put down everything and pursue his passion for music. Alxvnder Tha is pushing onwards, rising above his troubling past through his craft. He understands struggle better than any other artist, he tells us:

“It’s my job to make my music trendy and sound good, but I want people to be able to understand that the things I went through, they may also go through and vice versa. We always have a choice to rise above these and do great things.”

Alxvnder Tha believes that everything takes hard work and patience, music takes much work as any other endeavor. When asked about his advice for other aspiring musicians, he tells us:

“Nothing happens overnight. Promotion is key. Everything has a cost and it’s not gonna be easy. Once your first track ever is out, you’re officially in the race…just at very very last place. Network as much as possible. Go out to events. Meet people. And no pace is too fast or too slow. Just don’t get complacent.”

Art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable, that is why Alxvnder Tha blends his experiences with his music. He creates music that hits the spot for those who get it and makes those who do not know struggle understand the harsh realities of the world.

You are destined for greatness, keep pushing onwards. Know more about Alxvnder Tha through his website by clicking HERE!