Kem'Yah: An Up and Coming Toronto Artist

Kem'Yah is a Toronto-based Recording Artist who amalgamates the worlds of Congolese Rumba, Afro Beats, Hip-Hop, R&B & Dancehall into one. He's coined his sound and overall genre as Afro-Cosmic. Raised in the Trethewey housing complex, trouble with the law and running around with the local gang was inevitable for him; and unfortunately as a result by the age of 18 he found himself in the Don jail before it closed. Once released from prison, he would make drastic changes to his life choices, and would shortly reunite with his high school love, with whom he's now been with for 10 years and married to for 8 with 5 children. Kem'Yah opted to pursue his music dreams and made himself known to the world when he released his debut album 'Know Thyself' in September 2020 and it has since then gained over 235k streams on Spotify alone. In support of his album he released 3 music videos 'Know Thyself','Ritual' & 'Master Life' (60k+ total views). In February of 2021 he quietly released a 5 track EP titled 'Angels Are The Monsters' to prepare for his second studio album. In July 2021 he released his second album 'Original' which is currently at 80k+ streams on Spotify. In support of his album he just released his music video for the lead single 'Shango'. In the last year since Kem'Yah has emerged he's been recognized by reputable blogs and companies.

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