Meet Deezy216

Deezy216: Cleveland, OH: After 3 months being locked down in Lake County Corrections, Deezy216 posts bond due to pending case and links back up with popular RBMG artists Johnny Blaze & Lil Cray for a collaboration on his upcoming project “After The Indictment”

Deezy216 has had prior interactions with the two artists as Lil Cray features on his first project “True Trap” with a single titled “Blue Money” back in 2016. Deezy continued to progress his way around RBMG artists becoming extremely close with Doe Boy right hand man Johnny Blaze, working with him on numerous tracks and projects including “Down Bad” & “Got Me” & many more to come. Deezy also had featured Doe Boy on one of his latest albums prior to his signing and major deal over the past 2 years. Stay tuned for the upcoming album “After The Indictment”

With special features from Johnny Blaze, Lil Cray, 55Bagz & more names to be released soon