The Official Rollaz Gang ENT. Presents: Bugz D.K.

Being from a small town sometimes hides talent & skills from a worldwide audience. Some tend to shine a light to local underground areas , making a name for the under dogs. The south is no different especially in Central Florida.

Bugz D.K. came up in Wildwood Florida with his partners Dreaded Up Ca$h & Teeloc. On the side of music, Bugz D.K. had been making his own music since he was 13, with his ruggish ghetto harmonies making him one of the 1st out of his area to gain notoriety. Seen death take many of his peers & growing up in harsh environments he took music to another level, making it hard to ignore his wave of melodies.

He been recording & releasing projects none stop since 2019 with his 1st single "Land Of Tha Heartless"(12/9/19) & his joint tape with Teeloc "11 Fingers"(12/13/19). 2020 he went on to drop full projects like "Words To Survive"(2/24/20), "Before Flight EP"(5/19/20) & his group tape "
The Last To Land"(7/10/20). He continued to drop dope for the streets in 2021 with "High Cuz Pressure"(1/22/21) "Smoke Session"(4/30/21) "After Flight EP"(7/16/21) "Smoke Session II"(8/13/21) to his latest release "D.U.I. [Drivin Unda Influence](10/8/21).

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