Who is Zhali?

Before Zhali became an artist with delectable deliveries, he was just a kid from Toronto with an equal love for Eminem bars and Drake songs. Zhali was born in Tehran, Iran but after 5 years he moved to Dubai, UAE until his pre-teen years. After moving to Toronto, Zhali realized that music was much more than a hobby for him. As a recent 2021 Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Ryerson University, it was difficult for Zhali to juggle school and music together. His parents were doubtful if Zhali should pursue music seriously and instead wanted him to focus on his education, even though they always recognized his talents as an artist. Zhali’s favourite artists (The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR) taught him melody. Today, that melody is the 22 year-old’s gift as well as a catalyst for his embryonic hip-hop success. To hear the rhyme rookie’s early succession of rap songs is to experience aqua flows and stark hooks as addictive as Tik Tok’s “For You” page. A closer listen offers the biography of a kid who survived toxicity and the consequences that followed. With the release of his new EP, Perfect Love Storm, Zhali is determined to continue with music since the quality of his music has levelled up with every drop. We are excited to hear more of Zhali’s work and what he has in store next.