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Lil Smoke The Clout God

Interviewer: What first got you into music? Lil Smoke: Well, when I was 15 I was placed in my first residential facility and I had a lot of time to think and write and I realized that making music made the time go a little faster.  Interviewer: Who or what inspired you to make music? Lil Smoke: I have a couple of OG inspirations... Snoop, Easy E, and mobb deep are some of my favorites. As for new school inspiration I started rapping when YBN Nahmir and TayK first dropped so you can hear a lot of their influence in my older tracks. Juice wrld is a huge influence on my more melodic tracks and I crafted my lyricism around artists...

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LiMM's 2020

Rising star LiMM has made giant leaps in popularity in the year of 2020! LiMM an African native, now living in the United States has been streamed over 500,000 times in just the past 12 months and has diversified his selection of available music. Not only this but his now most popular song Ritual is at 250,000 streams just on Spotify alone. LiMM has not only grown to be a success in the United States but he is becoming a shining star in all of North America especially Canada. LiMM briefly lived in Canada when he initially emigrated from West Africa and therefore has some roots in the country as well. This month LiMM’s newest release titled ‘Ritual’ was featured...

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WMH Interviews Up and Coming Artist: Astarway

Web Music Hub had the pleasure of speaking to the rapper Astarway in an exclusive one on one sit down!WMH: What first got you into music? Astarway: I grew up listening to G-Unit, 50 Cent & Lloyd banks were a big part of why I started writing. WMH: Who or what inspired you to make music? Astarway: Believe it or not, Soulja boy inspired me to pursue my career, just the way he handles business and does what he loves. WMH: What is your creative process like? Astarway: I like to take my time with music, so once I hear a beat, first 15 seconds already let’s me know if I’m really feeling the beat. WMH: Has your musical journey...

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