Is there minimum budget?

No, we work with any budget presented! 

Can I mix & match the different services?

Yes chose any amount of our services or your vision of your marketing and  we will tailor the packages for you!

Can I have a few promos going but focus more of my budget on one category more then the others?

Yes, anything is possible!

How do I create a campaign?

Just e-mail us at webmusichub@gmail.com to get started!

How do I pay?

We will email you a custom package that you can pay for directly from the link provided! We accept all forms of payment including Credit, Debit, AMEX, Mastercard, Apple Pay, PayPay, E-Transer, Wire Transfer!

Is there refunds?

Yes, if you are not satisfied with are service, and your claims are reasonable we can refund you!
Any other questions?