How We Work

Over the last 20 years WMH has developed a complex network of over 150 companies that engage in creating a community for marketing.

At first the Web Music Hub specialized in marketing for the Music Industry only but now has expanded into working with all types of brands and companies.  

What we do is find your niche and promote it through our network of companies while making sure they are congruent with your target audience. This engagement builds so that your end result becomes attainable, whatever that my be.

With WMH never be worried about cost! We work with
any budget presented whether its $50, $500 or $5000!

We have a wide range of services that we offer that can build your engagement on almost any platform, In the pages following you will see all the promotion we do and all the platforms that are applicable!

So find the services that suite you and your business, know your budget, and send us a email to start growing!